January 27, 2023

Killer images are crucial in the modern world, when videos reign and selfies are the norm for content. But if you don’t have any design experience, adding visual components to your textual material might feel like a massive time-waster.

The 9 Best Apps for Quick Graphic Design Creation

The greatest graphic design applications are listed here.

1. Klex:-

Want to produce stunning graphics with breakneck speed? Klex can take care of it for you. To edit visual materials, use stock images, vectors, and drawings from this programme. You may then add text, fonts, and backdrops that suit your demands.

Use the stock images they give or add your own. What I appreciate about Klex is how much room it offers you to experiment with a variety of effects. Furthermore, using it is simple.

While Klex makes use of the same technology as Gravit Designer, its user interface is intended to be considerably more user-friendly. The programme has themes for posters, cards, blog graphics, and correctly scaled social media visuals.

2. Pixlr:-

If you need to utilize photographs for your website, social media feeds, or articles, Pixlr gives you the option to experiment with a variety of free effects, overlays, and borders on your preferred device.

Pixlr doesn’t have a bloated feature set. It corrects red-eye, crops, and resizes your images—all the things you would expect a picture editor to do.

I will say this: using Pixlr to experiment with various effects or produce work that goes beyond the source image is not recommended. I use it to resize photographs without changing their aspect ratio or to slightly increase the saturation of a picture. Nothing revolutionary, but yet practical.

3. Canva:-

An all-in-one tool for beginning creators is Canva. When you’re on a tight budget, it’s one of the greatest design programmers to employ. For everything from Facebook posts to wedding invitations, resumes, and logos, the web-based programme includes templates.

Canva excels in the area of social media graphics, in my opinion. There are many free themes available that you may edit with your own text and pictures. Create a template first, then customize it by filling up the boxes.

The 9 Best Apps for Quick Graphic Design Creation

Despite the fact that the programme is free to use, some themes, components, and stock photographs have a one- to two-dollar price tag.

Despite the fact that the programme is free to use, some themes, components, and stock photographs have a one- to two-dollar price tag. The wonderful thing about this price structure is that you may purchase “premium” graphics separately rather than signing up for a monthly subscription you might not actually require.

4. Adobe Spark:-

Adobe Spark successfully blends simplicity and strength. The app has a far lower learning curve than other Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator.

You only need to log in and pick one of Spark’s expert templates. There are pre-sized social media layouts, posters, web pages, and video alternatives available. After choosing a choice, you may alter it by adding your own photographs or pictures from Adobe’s stock photo collection.

Compared to some of the other products on our list, Adobe Spark offers more. A creative suite that does more than just add words to a picture is now available to non-designers thanks to the video and web creation tools, photo collages, and social templates.

5. Desygner:-

One of the greatest web-based tools for graphic design is Desygner. Compared to some of the other programmers, like Pixlr, which can occasionally seem a little cumbersome, the procedure is considerably smoother.

Desygner excels in this area thanks to its mobile capabilities. Desygner practically eliminates the annoying dragging and pinching procedure you’ll encounter in other tools, making it ideal for social network users who create on the move.

The 9 Best Apps for Quick Graphic Design Creation

We appreciate that there are mobile and web apps available since they may save you a tonne of time if you’re tired of wasting time on graphics when it isn’t your primary job or seems like a hassle.

However, this app’s features are not as extensive as Canvas’s, while being similar. You lose certain functionality, so to speak, but you also get a streamlined interface that makes it simple to rearrange objects, add layers, text, and modify photographs.

6. Google Drawings:-

Do you want to design a PNG picture with a transparent background? Who doesn’t have a Google account, which is all you need to get started?

Given that you are simply working in a Google Doc, Drawings isn’t the most advanced tool. It is, nevertheless, quite practical. Installing the extension is all you need to do to begin. From there, you can edit pictures and make teeny drawings with the same ease as a Google Doc.

Even so, putting tiny labels or graphics to a picture or plain background may be a terrific way to add comedy or useful information to your visuals. You’ll also see how extremely straightforward this tool is after you get the hang of the “drawing” component.

7. Snappa:-

Another “design made simple” option for non-designers seeking to overcome their creative constraints is Snappa.

The Snappa free plan has several restrictions. A monthly allowance of five free downloads or sharing should help you decide if you want to shell out $10 for limitless downloads.

Similar to Canva and Desygner, Snappa combines professional graphics, royalty-free pictures, and a drag-and-drop design editor. Although the other applications could be a better investment, we enjoyed the platform’s easy-to-use layout and intuitive feel.

8. Visme:-

The Canva of the infographic world is Visme, a tool for creating infographics.

Like Canva, you can effectively omit the design phase of the creation process and instead add custom content and alter the typeface to give it your own unique touch.

The 9 Best Apps for Quick Graphic Design Creation

Visme is a wonderful method to take the words you’ve previously written and spit out something lovely to look at, whether your objective is to produce an eye-catching résumé or break up that wall of text in your most recent piece.

9. Enlight:-

Due to various special characteristics that are part of the mix, Enlight takes first place in this ranking. The programme, which is accessible on both mobile and the web, can transform your standard photos into true works of art.

And it’s far simpler than attempting to understand how Photoshop’s layers operate.

Enlight has a tonne of features, so even though it won’t take long to create something beautiful, you can become addicted to it.

Combine two or more images, edit them, add gradients, and create new backdrops. The idea is that there are countless opportunities.


It’s time to start loading your feed with excellent visuals now that you have a long selection of options to try out.

All the applications in the world, however, cannot replace genuine design expertise. Here, we’ve compiled a selection of the top online design course packages that can help you catch up quickly.

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